BirthCircle provides holistic quality Antenatal Birth Preparation & Pre-natal Yoga for first-time mothers/parents and those with previous pregnancies.

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood are multifaceted experiences and deserve to be paid attention to on the level of heart, body, mind and spirit. My aim is to support women and men to follow and understand their own inner cues, beliefs, needs and desires on their journey through pregnancy, birth & beyond. So you as birthing mother (with support from your partner/birth partner) can make informed & confident choices that are right and true for YOU. 



BirthWorks® Antenatal Birth Preparation

 BirthWorks ... because it's ancient

sri yantra by Pavitrananda

Pre-natal Yoga

move ... breathe ... relax

Our classes are for anyone preparing for birth, new parents and those with previous vaginal or cesarean experiences. The supportive group environment makes learning together and sharing with each other safe and personally meaningful. You can join our classes at any stage of your pregnancy. The sooner you begin the more time you give yourself to assimilate information and insights, learn active birthing skills and adopt healthy habits that will benefit you and your baby throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.