My journey of pregnancy and birth

I became interested in natural childbirth when giving birth to my son in 1990. His birth and that of my daughter were the most magical events in my life. I experienced birth as an empowering, creative and transforming event  ... to welcome a child into this world into an atmosphere of respect, calm and love, no harsh noises, no bright lights, supported by my caring midwife, partner and friend ... me and my baby flooded with nature's love hormones ... nothing could compare.

I naturally trusted my body and had total faith that my body knew how to give birth, just as it knew how to nourish and grow my babies during the nine months of pregnancy. Breastfeeding seemed to be a natural response to my body's and my baby's cues. But what I didn't know was how to accept and receive support and nourishment from loved ones. I didn't understand the emotional adjustments that were required of me as first time mother. I had unrealistic expectations of myself and felt isolated from those around me.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood are multifaceted experiences and deserve to be paid attention to on the level of heart, body, mind and spirit. My aim is to support women and men to follow and understand their own inner cues, beliefs, needs and desires on their journey through pregnancy, birth & beyond. So you as birthing mother (with support from your partner/birth partner) can make informed & confident choices that are right and true for YOU. 

I have always been in awe of the transformation that occurs in each woman as she journeys through pregnancy. Pregnancy & birth hormones are nature's gift to prepare us for motherhood (and to a lesser extend fatherhood) not just physically but also emotionally, mentally & spiritually. 

The positive feedback I received from my yoga students over the years* inspired in me the confidence that I do have something special to offer. Two years ago I decided to do further training in the area of childbirth and have now completed a comprehensive training with BirthWorks® International as childbirth educator and am excited about being able to share what I have learned. I will be teaching antenatal birth preparation classes & prenatal yoga here in Dunedin during the coming years.  I hope to see you there!

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