You can make a difference for your Baby

Many of us start out thinking of birth as something we have to endure in order to have the baby we want? Little do we understand that birth can be the most amazing, joyful and sacred act we'll ever accomplish. Pregnancy is a time of change and growth not just for the baby but also for you as the mother. Hormones produced during pregnancy and labour prepare you physically and emotional for birth, breastfeeding and mothering.

There are many things you can do to support this natural process. Educate yourself early in pregnancy about how to live in a wholesome way. Start early with developing a healthy diet for you and your baby and begin to examine some of your habits and beliefs, deciding which serve you in your new role as mother and which you might like to replace. Put into practice the five human values as advocated in our Birthworks Antenatal classes in order to develop confidence and trust in yourself. Learn how to create physical, emotional and mental well-being with regular yoga practice.

Inform yourself about the birth choices you have and explore what it is YOU need in order to feel safe and cared for.

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