Regarding Prenatal Yoga

“There are surely benefits around learning all the breathing techniques* and exercises valuable for pregnant women, advice on how to find a better position when sitting/squatting/lifting up heavy things etc, there are big benefits around meditation that we do - it's just magical. But for me the most important benefit is meeting Ushi and talking to her, the way she sees pregnancy and childbirth contributed to my confidence and positive way of seeing the future way more than any books, articles or videos I've watched, and any other people I talked to.”

“I really think that your classes helped me through the birth and were a huge reason as to why i didn't use any pain relief.”

"Before I began pregnancy yoga I was afraid of giving birth, it was something that I believed would be the most painful experience I would ever have to face, and that I had to birth at Christchurch Women’s as things would go wrong and that pain relief was essential.  Uschi’s classes not only prepared my body physically, but more importantly opened my mind to the reality that this was a completely natural process, my body was designed to do this and that it was only my mind preventing it from it being one of the most beautiful and empowering experiences of my life. I am now just days away from giving birth and instead of facing this time with fear, I await with excitement and curiosity as to how far can I push myself physically but now more so, mentally. My resolve: To birth with my body and not with my head. “  ... “ I did have an amazing, drugfree and unassisted waterbirth. ”

“I thought I would drop you a line to say that I really enjoyed the yoga yesterday. I have been creating some energy blockage in my hips and pelvis and having bad dreams and last night I had the best night sleep I have had in weeks! No dreams and my hips and back have not been hurting. Big sigh.”

“I loved how the sessions were so relaxing. The breathing* of course helped tremendously during labor. I loved the ending of the session, the journey through the body, that was extremely relaxing. It was nice to meet other pregnant ladies interested in yoga. I wish I lived in Christchurch or closer to yoga classes I would continue on going. They told me in the hospital it was good I had an open mind to all the things that happened to me, and a determination to breast feed. They were impressed I was even able to get my milk supply in with all that happened. I think yoga really teaches that, to let go and experience things and to work through them. I'm very glad I was able to find your class. Thank you for having it."

“Knowing that my yoga instructor had been through the pregnancy and childbirth experience herself gave me a lot of reassurance."


* I want to clarify here that you don't need to learn special breathing techniques to use in labor or during contractions. Your breath will respond instinctively to any given need at the time;  just as it does when you exert yourself in day to day life, e.g. breathing more deeply when carrying a heavy load up some stairs. What you will practice in class is breath awareness, relaxed deep breathing and calming breaths. Over the months you will gain practice in recognising how your emotional and mental state effects the way you breathe and you will be able to use the tools learned in class to ground yourself, relax and become more focused.  When in labor fear might threaten to take over at times you can remind yourself to take a few deep relaxing breaths and settle into a slow soft rhythm of breathing between contractions. This will inhibit the fear and stress response allowing you to soften, relax and recharge.

Regarding  Classic Yoga

“You showed me it was more important to observe how my body was really feeling inside rather than tie me up in impossible knots.”

“I admire the way you quietly observe every person in class and know what they need  to make their position more comfortable. “

”I used to advise my friends to seek professional help with any of their issues, now I hear myself say “Have you tried Yoga?”

“Thank you for your quiet and observing teaching methods - i find this helpful and really look forward to my yoga.”

It (the Yoga) opened my mind as to the wider benefits and branches of yoga. Realising that this is a commitment that I will want to continue for the rest of my life.

•  I have loved every aspect of my yoga classes - big benefits for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

•“I really enjoy these classes; for me it’s mostly the relaxation, which is invaluable. My inner strength has increased with being part of these classes. Thank you.”

"I have been to many yoga classes and I haven’t liked many. This I love!"

“I really loved the yoga on a physical and emotional level, this year has been hard for me ... I have really enjoyed the benefits of the relaxation and guide to meditation which i would like to practice more, settling of the mind and chatter in the brain. The physical side has also been great to get the energy moving in the body; I have loved it. Another thing I have been struggling with giving up smoking although not a committed smoker i would still do this on occasions, this has stopped completely strengthening of the will I think”

"I  have struggled with post-natal depression since the birth of my daughter 5 years ago and have been actively searching for positive ways to help manage this illness. Through Yoga I have started to experience less anxiety and stress, and find more and more moments of peace which give me real hope that I am on my way to wellness. Thank you! Julia (39 year old mother of two)"  
"... let me thank you for a wonderful year of Yoga.  I always looked forward to each session and come away feeling much better and more focused.  You have definitely helped me get through a difficult year. 

"I experience an overall calmness to body & mind; general body aches have gone"
I am just completing my first 10 weeks of the Beginners course at Yoga for You. The yoga has been very beneficial for me - head-aches have dropped away, my back is stronger and more stable, and awareness of my breathing has increased as I have learnt to use it to gently massage my spine. I am also calmer and more flexible. Uschi, our down-to-earth teacher, guides us gently and with humour through the easy physical and mental exercises.... I recommend this teacher and yoga style.”

"Yoga Nidra (a deep guided relaxation usually done at the end of class)
“A deeply soothing yoga practice that has had a life changing impact on my breathing, posture   attitude and perception.  I gain so much serenity from this gift and use this practice daily.”
"I just want to say thank you for such a warm and enlightening experience with you in your yoga classes. I always left each class feeling so much better, and you are a natural instructor! When I'm back in NZ, I'll definitely come by for some more of your magic!  The breathing you taught has definitely paid off in my singing lessons!
   Carla (opera singer)

"I look forward to yoga. I feel uplifted afterwards. Longer term I feel more committed to tasks/plans; feel more inclined to relate to people.

"The yoga practice makes me calm, flowing, focused, engaged; in touch with myself and life cycles."

"Feel terrible physically if going without it. It has a huge influence on my emotional life".

"Feel like I have given my body and spirit a full body massage. I like the balance between  the three parts of the sessions. (physical, breathing and relaxation practices)."